Beauty Tricks to Look Good in Pictures!

In the time of selfies and wefies, taking pictures of yourself and uploading it on Facebook or Instagram is almost compulsory. Since the whole world is going to look at it and like it, we should look good in it right? We understand the annoyance of retaking a picture because the first one didn’t come out right. We are here to teach you how to look stunning on camera!

To achieve flawless make up we should remember that our makeup regime starts even before we put our make up on, exfoliating and moisturising the skin is essential. Its brings out that glow on your face that people would envy you for in years to come.  Let us help you to get it just right and we guarantee you, stunning is what you would be in your pictures.

Follow us on this journey to make up heaven with all the beauty products available on SINGSALE now.

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24K+Caviar Deep Moisturizer All Skin Type

Was $207 now $45, SHOP NOW

Creates a complexion that looks radiant. The brilliant combination of 24K Gold and Alpha-Hydroxy Acidspromotes elasticity while reducing the appearance of deep wrinkles. Perfect to be worn before applying your foundation


Nyx Liquid Make Up Ivory

Was $27 now $15, SHOP HERE

This foundation provides medium to full coverage and provides light texture for easy application. Make up tip for the amateur: right foundation disappears without blending. Another useful tip, test it on your jawline and check it in daylight, if its too patchy its a complete no no.


Concealer Stick

Was $26 now $10, SHOP HERE

The concealer conceal and covers imperfections , brighten your eyes by reducing the appearance of dark circles with a flawless radiance. Choosing a good one is important, a poorly formulated concealer draws attention to problem areas, making them look worse, not better!


Nyx Mosaic Powder Paradise 

Was $25 now $9, SHOP HERE

An ultra-soft powder blush that defines the cheeks with subtle, smooth color.Apply colour on the apple of your cheeks to lift it up and to add more definition to your face.


Nyx Eye Shadow Black Sparkle

Was $12 now $5, SHOP HERE

Highlighting your eyes will never go wrong in pictures. Ideal for every day wear or for a night out, Highlighted eyes is always the subject of everyone’s envy. Apply it evenly with an eye brush and get ready to sparkle.


Delicious Luxury Creme Lipsticks

Was $10 now $5, SHOP HERE

This velvety lipstick would be perfect for those who is not looking for something very dramatic. A nice lipstick adds the right amount of colour needed to the face and it will also adds that little extra to your make up.


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