Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Should Own

Never be caught with nothing to wear again! Thanks to a crisp white tee, a basic jeans, a black shoe, nothing is more essential in your wardrobe than this trusty staples.

Ladies everywhere should own at least one of these things; it’s the most basic attire which is so easy to match with almost anything!

A basic white tee

Believe us when we say, this t shirt is a lifesaver! you can pair it up with almost anything and still look like a stylish fashionista!


Ballet Flats

Whats chic and comfy at the same time? Ballet flats of course! On days where you feel like ditching the heels for somehting more stable, ballet flats is your ultimate go to! Use them to dress up your jeans and button-down combination, then seamlessly transition that same pair to a cocktail dress for night.


An elegant blazer

Need an extra something to pull together an office look? Blazer. A great outerwear substitute when it’s not quite cold enough for a heavy coat? Blazer.


A striped shirt

How many tops look sophisticated with a pencil skirt, sexy with a pair of leather pants, and effortlessly relaxed matched with slouchy denim? We can think of only one: Stripped shirt!


A classic black pants

Every gal needs one pair of black pants that will always make her feel good—the cut (high-waist or low rise, cropped or wide-leg) is up to you. Wear them with a silk blouse and pumps for work


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